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Demolition // 07 - 02 -2022

Geelong Demolition Permit Requirements, Do You Need One?

A number of factors will determine your need to obtain a permit for demolition work in Geelong.
Here’s everything you need to know in four simple categories:

When do you need a demolition permit in Geelong?


-Shed or Outbuilding Demolition
Partial Demolition 
Full Demolition
Heritage Area Overlay


You may also get a council order to pull down a building or structure that has become dangerous. This usually means a permit is not required, but it is always best to check with the council or a professional before proceeding (building designers and surveyors). Now let’s break down each potential demolition category.

Shed or Outbuilding Demolition

When pulling down a shed or outbuilding,  two main criteria that will determine if you need a demolition permit.


  1. 1. If the building is under 4om2,
  2. 2. If the building is not constructed out of brick.


So if you have a building under 40M2 and not made of brick or concrete material, you may be able to save some costs on your upcoming demolition plans. Though it’s always best to check with the council before you get the sledgehammer out.

Partial Demolition

If you are looking to demolish part of a building, the Geelong council will determine two main criteria if you need a demolition permit.


  1. 1. If you are demolishing over 50% of the entire building or;
  2. 2. Any part of the proposed works faces the streets


Minor works that do not face the street and don’t fall under heritage won’t require a permit. However, if you are making way for an extension or second story you should make sure you have a building permit. If you want more information on the partial demolition process click here.

Full Knockdown

Sorry no getting out of this cost, you will need a permit. The good news is Bayside can handle the whole process so you don’t have to. If you are interested in the knockdown rebuild process you will find this article a great help.

Heritage Area Overlay

No getting out of permits here. However heritage outlays vary, some are only front facades while others cover the whole house. best to check what kind of overlay you have before making building plans.


Once you know you overlay be wary, the permit process can be time-consuming and may receive lots of scrutiny from the council.  It’s the price we pay for preserving the history of our city. Geelong council to have a checklist. But

the list is long and it’s best to get the professionals (building designers and surveyors) in early.


One good note is that with the requirements of doing building works in a heritage area most of the requirements are done during the planning phase,  to save cost we suggest you incorporate the demolition permit in the building permit.

Disclaimer: We may deal with permits every day but do not use this article as gospel. Please contact the City of Greater Geelong before you partake in any demolition works.


If you would like to comment on our article or book a demolition quote please contact us here.

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