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Please find our demolition cost calculator below (Last updated August 2023). This tool is designed as a guide. It can not consider all variables applicalbe to demolition works. To request a demolition quote, contact us.

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How our demolition cost calculator determines how much a house demolition should cost.

To determine house demolition cost, we have tried to include all the significant variables commonly occurring during demolition. We can not include all variables. So please only use this tool as a guide to help give you some understanding of the demolition cost. Get a quote from a licensed contractor when moving forward in the process. Read more about the demolition cost below, or find the demolition cost calculator tutorial here.


Location is a significant factor with heavy machinery coming and going to remove waste and recyclables. Due to this, costs can add up quickly from fuel and downtime.

House Size

Larger houses cost more money to demolish. House size is what all the other costs use as a base. If you are unsure of the size of the house Google Earth has a great measuring tool.

Wall structure & Footings

The wall structure and footings are the main elements of the building, and some are easier and cheaper to demolish. Be careful when looking at wall cladding, as many properties have cladding over another material (often asbestos). For newer builds, also be wary of waffle pod slabs. They are one of the highest potential hidden demolition cost. The demolition cost calculator should only act as a guide for unexpected elements such as this. To minimise your risk get a quote from a professional (preferably us) before making taking the next steps in your project of purchase.

Roof Material

Tile roofs take more time than tin and can slow the workflow down. Slate can also be tricky, but some slate roofs may have value in salvage and get some money off the total costs.

Year built

Typically, older houses cost more money to pull down. They are often made using heavier materials and tend to have more internal walls, though this can vary greatly. Some buildings may also have heritage overlays. Heritage overlays mean you can not perform a demolition or only a Partial demolition.

Does it contain asbestos?

Asbestos is the most common hazardous material affecting demolition. It can be challenging to know if your property contains asbestos. An audit and test may be the only way to determine if the property contains asbestos.

What’s in your yard?

This question gives you a rough idea of the costs for yard removal; some of the wording is vague by design. Yard clearing can vary wildly; overgrown yards with many garden beds, trees, and concrete occasionally cost more than the demolition cost of the dwelling.

Vehicle access

Vehicle access is a significant factor in a house demolition cost. Tight access means small machinery. Small machinery means added time. More time means more cost. Things to look out for access are low power lines, street width, and driveway width.

Some of the Things this calculator does not attempt to take into account are:

Partial demolitions

Partial demolitions are when some of the building is to stay. To work out this cost, you will need to contact a demolition contractor and provide the building plans to get the price. This tool is primarily designed for knockdown rebuilds and those looking to buy trying to get a feel of demolition costs.

Permits and protection works

Demolitions typically require a Demolition permit (see quick guide for Geelong demolition permits here) and an asset protection permit, depending on the council. Depending on the buildings around the property and the demolition location, you may even require public protection works, adding to your demolition cost.

Your demolition contractor should give clarity on these factors. But sometimes, even they will need to refer to the local council and licensed surveyors for what is required.

The above demolition cost calculator has been created to answer the question; How much does it cost to demolish a house? It should not be relied upon solely when making major financial decisions. When you are ready to take the next step in your project or purchase, contact us here.

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