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Operating throughout Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat, Colac & The Surf Coast.

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About Bayside Demolition.

We understand your needs. Like all businesses, we started small. In 2010 a set of battery-powered tools was a significant investment, and today we can supply Industry-leading equipment to major commercial jobs.

But unlike all businesses, we ensure thorough and safe demolition and asbestos removal services for all our valued clients, from the first home buyer to the major developer.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team specialise in semi or complete demolishment of industrial plants, factory buildings, apartment buildings, personal residences or excavating land for developers.

Bayside's engineering team handle pre-project planning, while expert technicians, operators, and supervisors are on-site to direct each step of the process.

At Bayside Demolition instead of sending in heavy machinery to level your building, we believe in recycling and salvaging as much as possible by removing items such as doors, windows and weatherboards.

Recycling dramatically reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and ensures a cleaner demolition process. Once all re-usable or recyclable elements are removed, we then safely demolish the house and remove the remaining debris by machine.

At Bayside, we leave only memories, and a clean track rolled site ready for your new project to begin!


Commercial Demolition.

Bayside Demolition provides complete demolition services. We can assist commercial clients in; preparation for new builds or partial demolition, including structural modifications and strip outs. We are experts in heritage works that involve the partial demolition of buildings to retain protected areas or building facades. Proudly Established and based in Geelongs Innovation District. We can help with your commercial demolition needs!

We can help with all things demolition. Our crew has worked on commercial office and residential structures as well as public infrastructure, the deconstruction of, hospitals, academic and high-density mixed-use precincts involving strict traffic management, emissions, noise and vibration controls to ensure that residential amenity and commercial trading operations remain uninterrupted.

We make things easy for you. Our ability to handle documentation requirements and our dedicated administration team means your large projects will run smoothly.

We have grown. We go beyond more than demolition to provide asbestos remediation services and civil services across the Surf Coast, Melbourne & Greater Victoria. Supporting developers in large scale subdivisions, excavation and remediation across our great state. reach out for your commercial demolition quote today and grow with us!


Residential & Domestic Demolition.

Bayside Demolition make domestic and residential demolition quick and easy! We have the perfect mix of machinery and recycling. When choosing Bayside, you are selecting the environmental and most efficient process for your house to get demolished in Geelong, Melbourne, Bellarine, Colac, Ballarat or the Surf Coast.  

Bayside will make sure your house demolition results in less landfill and more salvage materials. Driven by a desire to give our clients better prices and a smoother process, all re-usable or recyclable elements, including bricks, timber & windows get a new life to become part of a new build or renovation. In contrast, all harmful materials like Asbestos and contaminated soil are safely removed and taken to an EPA approved landfill. 

Bayside Demolition can make your house demolition process quicker by helping you with

  • Demolition Permits
  • Demolition Asset Protection Permits
  • Gas, electricity and sewerage abolishments 
  • Septic tank and concrete removal 
  • Asbestos and waste removal 

If your property sits along the boundary line or requires a more complicated demolition process, protection works notices or surveying may be needed. We can help with this! 

Bayside is proudly part of Geelongs Innovation District. By surrounding ourselves with Geelongs leading and most innovative minds in the construction/demolition industry and combining that with over 50 years of experience removing old houses throughout Geelong, Melbourne, Bellarine, Colac, Ballarat and the Surf Coast, You are in safe hands with Bayside.  

Request a quote and make the removal of your property cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. 


Site Clearing and Cleaning.

Get project ready with Bayside demolition. Our service also includes site clearing from concrete and soil removal, internal and external strip outs, excavation and preparations, civil works and asbestos removal.  Our site clearing team deals with all properties! Reach out today and get your site clean clear & rubbish free.

If you have contaminated soil, you can also use our soil remediation services.



Soil Remediation Services.

Bayside Demolition soil remediation services provide systems and safety processes that protect the community and environment. Equipped and experienced in providing full soil remediation and soil cleaning solutions with a range of treatment processes systems, Bayside’s team carry out the cleaning of soil and land in line with EPA regulations.

We can provide assessment, project management services, soil remediation and cleaning across categories that include:

  • Contaminated soil remediation
  • Asbestos management, removal and disposal
  • Contaminated soil removal and off-site disposal
  • Chemical immobilization of soils
  • Service station and underground fuel tank decommissioning and removal
  • Containment cell construction (lining, drainage and capping)
  • Groundwater cut-off walls
  • Civil construction, sundry demolition and landscaping work as part of remediation projects.


More information on Asbestos can visit


Asbestos Removal.

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  • Asbestos Audit
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Air Monitoring
  • Clearance certification

The purpose of the asbestos clearance certificate is to ensure that all visible asbestos fragments posing significant health risk have been removed.

To find out more on asbestos and its safe removal for both domestic and industrial jobs, visit Safe Work Australia HERE. 


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At Bayside demolition we offer a complete range of demolition services. From internal strip-outs and partial demolition to a completely clear site including site cut if required. We can also supply truck and excavator hire, skip bins and temporary fencing to assist you during the building stage. Located in Geelong, Bayside Demolition operate throughout Victoria in domestic, commercial and industrial demolition we offer a free quote/no-obligation inspection and assessment for every project.