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Demolition // 18 - 02 -2021

Partial Demolition

partial demolition

What? When? Why? & How Much?

What? When? Why? & How Much?                                                   

What is Partial Demolition?

Partial demolition is as it sounds. It removes some of a building and leaves what is needed for your next project to begin. Partial demolitions vary from taking off the rear lean-to, making way for a new extension, leaving only the front facade. It can also be done on all scales, form homeowners looking to extend or major developments looking to maintain a heritage building.

A Partial Demolition takes a great deal of planning and coordination between the builder and the demolition team. Great care is taken to ensure the building’s structure remains intact and all services are safely isolated. 

When to partially demolish?

When can depend on two things.

1. If you have no choice

With most councils in Victoria, including Geelong Melbourne Ballarat and Colac, having heritage overlay for the front facade in heritage listed areas, you may not be able to do a complete demolition. In some buildings, you may not be able to pull anything down. 

2. If it adds up to you 

Every project and budget is unique. Partial demolition can often add more cost than a complete rebuild. But they also produce unique stunning homes with a great history. Maybe a small demolition makes way for a fantastic extension and works better than displacing your family for the length of an entire build. The undercover architect has created a great guide to help with this question. 

Why do a partial demolition? 

There are many reasons you may choose to do a partial demolition. 

– Expanding rooms and opening up old floor plans 

Old houses didn’t always have an open plan living in mind. Sometimes a few fewer walls can bring an old home into the 21st century (Dont do this without building/demolishing/Engineering expertise). This type of work requires an expert. We suggest an organisation registered with Master Builders.

-Extending or going up 

If you are extending, you may need to get rid of some existing structure. It is quite often to get rid of an old extension to make way for a much better extension. 

-Something has gone wrong. 

Often caused by old plumbing or leaks. sometimes, unfortunately, some things may need to go to allow for necessary building repairs 

How much will it cost? 

That’s a bit like a piece of string. Or about 6k to a million-dollar question.

Partial demolitions can vary significantly in price as they differ greatly in what is required. There are several variants such as asbestos, engineering and site access to take into account. To keep the cost down, its best to have a clear plan when going in. It is also important to have an experienced builder, a demolition expert and, in most cases, an engineer. 

If you are want to know more about partial demolition, contact Bayside by clicking HERE.  Our expert team will contact you to help you get your project ready! We work in Geelong, Melbourne and throughout Victoria, Click HERE to view our other services, including asbestos removal, soil remediation & site clearing.  




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