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Demolition // 28 - 04 -2021

Are you planning on a knockdown rebuild? Let’s talk demolition!

Knockdown rebuild

Are you planning on a knockdown rebuild? Let’s talk demolition!

Are you planning on a knockdown rebuild? Let’s talk demolition!

A knockdown rebuild has distinct advantages; you can choose your ideal location; it can be easier and more cost-effective than an extension, and thanks to the demolition the builder starts with a blank canvass.

Is it time? 

With rising property house and land prices throughout Victoria but particularly in Geelong and Melbourne, some homes now dont match their suburbs price point. So it’s time to perform a partial demolition and extension, or you could start afresh.   

What is the first step? 

The first step to your house demolition is organising the permits and service line abolishments. We can perform both of these tasks! Although it is the most cost-effective for owner builders to perform the service abolishments themselves. Our friendly team is more than willing to help step you through the process if difficulties arise. As a Licensed demolition company, we also make the permit process easy. 

Demolition time!

The demolition of a house is relatively simple; however, it must fit within your project’s timeline. As demolition is the first step in all knockdown rebuilds, external factors such as finance, build dates, and renters can require a flexible demolition team. Thats where Bayside comes in! With a fleet large enough to adjust and ensure flexibility while small enough that you remain high on our priority list.  We can also perform civil works.


Organising a demolition usually takes 4-7 weeks. The majority of this time is lost organising the demolition permit through the local council. Once the permit has been issued and the services removed, the demolition is complete within a week. With 1-2 days to remove hazardous materials such as asbestos. 1-2 days to pull down the house and all debris and one day to clean the site. Bayside can also perform site cuts and civil works to help your project become more streamlined. 


If you are looking for more information, try this article from the undercover architect. 


 If you have already decided on the best demolition option for your project, click here to organise an obligation free quote. 

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