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Demolition Ballarat .

Ballarat Demolition – Baysides New Location

Bayside Demolition has always served the Ballarat community. But now, with a service yard in the local area at 1164 Geelong Road, Mount Clear, Bayside is looking to provide Ballarat with a demolition contractor who can serve both commercial and domestic clients.

Bayside Demolition Ballarat new yard

Bayside Demolition Ballarat’s new yard

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A Ballarat Demolition Contractor with ISO certification

Bayside Demolition is ISO-certified in Quality, Environment, and OH&S. This internationally recognised certification shows our clients that their needs will be met from quote to final documentation.

Bayside Has always been a Ballarat Demolition contractor!

While Bayside might have only recently established a full-time yard and dedicated Ballrat team, we have always served Ballarat and surrounding areas! If you are Thinking of Demolition Ballarat, think Bayside! If you are still not sure, look at some of our projects below in Ballrat.


Ballarat Demolition Projects By Bayside Demolition!

Bayside has done hundreds of demolitions in Ballarat areas over the last ten years. Here are some details on a few select Demolition projects!

Snake Valley Demolition

This Project required several large trees to be removed to make way for a new development in the area.

Snake Valley Demolition

Snake Valley Demolition


DHHS Big Build Project (25 separate Demolition Ballarat sites)

Bayside has demolished over 25 houses in Ballarat as part of the state government’s efforts to increase the housing commission supply. We have served multiple builders operating as part of the works and originally started doing these works as a part of the Victorian infostructure plan 2021.

The Bayside Demolition is the preferred contractor for so many builders doing knockdown rebuilds in these areas are;

  1. A large fleet able to handle meet  volume builders’ timelines
  2. A large presence in Ballarat
  3. Great customer service and a reputable brand—We provide great customer service for all our customers; this is particularly important for builders whose clients are large organisations. Another important element for large organisations is a reputable contractor. With 12 years in the business and thousands of projects started the right way, Bayside ticks both boxes.
Lyons st Ballarat Demolition Chuch Project

The Project for Figurehead Construction required a front facade propping and is an exciting large-scale commercial demolition project in the heart of Ballarat.

Lyons Ballarat Demolition


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Ballarat Demolition Commercial – Church Demolition Heritage Facade.






18 Days

The Ballarat Commercial Demolition project commenced in central Ballarat, is an exciting work for Bayside to play a part in.

The future build will be located within walking distance to the GOV Hub, less than 300m to Ballarat Hospital and Medical Center, and a short walk from the Ballarat Art Gallery and the Ballarat Rail Station.

The works also allow us to participate in retaining some of Ballarat’s red brick Charm. A heritage facade has been placed over the former church. Find out more about Ballarat’s great heritage retention efforts.


Project Details

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