Bayside Demolition has obtained its ISO certification.


Our ISO certification represents our commitment to upholding environmental, health and safety, quality and management standards. It means that you can rest assured the demolition element of your next project will run smoothly, on time and to an international standard. 

What Does ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

certification mean?

What this means is, we’ve taken several steps to improve our operations and optimise the way we move into the future. ISO certification is an internationally recognised quality management system found in only highly efficient organisations that commit to continual improvement.

What Does it Mean for our clients?

This means anyone that hires Bayside Demolition can trust that our systems will keep the demolition, asbestos or remediation elements of their projects will run smoothly. 

There are three different accreditations that each pose individual benefits for organisations who work with Bayside these are;

ISO Certification 9001:2015 – Quality Management systems

This certification means that we have a robust management system. This system allows us to ensure that Bayside will meet or exceed your expectations through consistent review and communication. Our management systems will mean your Demolition permits, Service abolishments or any other state or council requirements are submitted on time and prevent your worksite from any delays. 

ISO Certification 14001 – Environment Management Systems

Your projects environmental impact will be minimised by your demolition contractor, as this sits atop of our list of considerations as we do business with a commitment to minimise our environmental impact.

ISO Certification 45001 – OH&S Management systems

This certification means the team with high powered hydraulic machinery operates with health and safety at the front of mind. We prevent injuries on-site, keeping your project rolling by preventing downtime while ensuring everyone on-site is safe.

Combining these systems, Bayside should be your choice of demolition contractor for major or minor projects, especially if you are working with large organisations or government bodies.

If you are working on a project where you require a high quality and reliable demolition contractor, contact us HERE.

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