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Soil Remediation Victoria.

Soil Remediation Services in Melbourne.

Do you need or possibly require soil remediation on your project? If yes, you need a contractor with practical knowledge and a client-focused approach.

Bayside has worked on a varying range of contaminated soil jobs and has been contracted by both environmental hygienists and directly by property owners. We work to help build a cost-effective solution with all stakeholders to ensure the project is able to start on a clean site.

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How Does Bayside Ensure Effective Soil Remediation?

1. Customer Focus

Bayside understands that when performing soil remediation, multiple solutions are often available for what’s best for the client and site; our solutions are tailored to what works best for you.

2. Experienced team

Bayside has been in the Demolition Industry for over ten years and, over that time, has taken on larger and larger remediation projects. As an experienced contractor, we can help avoid the common pitfalls projects will fall into when working with contaminated soil.

3. Reliable Dynamic Fleet

Our fleet includes 1.8 excavators to 22-ton excavators, a remediation screen, and several pieces of plant. We can hire in what we can not provide ourselves. We are ISO-certified, meaning all equipment has a service history and regular maintenance to ensure minimal downtime on your project.

4. Working with Environmental Consultants

Environmental Consultants are often required when performing soil remediation works; Bayside Project management and the onsite team are focused on working with the environmental hygenist to ensure the project meets all standards to allow the project to start unaffected by contaminants.

If you are looking for a ground solution to solid remediation or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to know more about soil remediation and when it may be required, read below;

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Why choose Bayside Demolition for Soil Remediation?

Soil remediation is a growing field in Victoria for two main reasons.

former industrial lands are being targeted for land redevelopment.

Former industrial estates in Vicotria are now some of our most exciting precincts. However old industrial charm can come with some old industrial contamination!

ever-increasing EPA requirements.

Asbestos was not completely banned in Australia until 2003. This means that up to that point, it is still common to find some asbestos contaminants used infill. So, even relatively new developments may need an asbestos remediation solution.

If either of the above may affect your site, Bayside Demolition has the expertise and can often help you pre-plan for contaminants that may occur throughout your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are pre-tempting problems on you future project.

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How Does Bayside recycle differently?

Bayside recycling capacity includes a mobile shredder and remediation screen.

This combination means we can turn your concrete and trees into crushed rock and mulch cost-effectively and environmentally friendly solution.

This solution is highly effective for more isolated demolition projects

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How do you know if your soil is contaminated and requires remediation?

Some activities that can cause your land to require soil remediation in Victoria are;

1.Industrial activities

2. Illegal Dumping

3. Contaminated soil runoff

See a more detailed list from the Victorian EPA.

What are the Different types of soil remediation?

Bioremediation – Using or importing organic matter to allow naturally occurring microbes to degrade the contaminants

Thermal Treatment – Using heat from 500 to 1100 degrees to destroy the contamination

Chemical Treatment  – Involves changing contaminants by adding components that make the contaminants less toxic.

Physical Soil remediation – This is the most common treatment, which involves moving contaminants out of the soil to collect and separate them.

When should you test for soil contamination?

Signs of contamination – Several signs can indicate contaminated soil. Some of these can be odours, bare lawn patches, or if you find ash fragments and paint flecks within physical soil.

Past Land Use – If you know the land has previously been used for activities known to cause contamination. Some activists can be heavy industry, runoff from heavy industry, unregulated demolition and more.

Part of Due Diligence –  When buying or selling a property, it may be worth taking some soil tests to protect your investment.

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