What are the best demolition salvage yards in Geelong?.


Are you looking for a demolition salvage yard to buy second-hand building materials?

The search for a demolition salvage yard in geelong can be tricky!  Many dont have websites and, due to the tight margins in the industry, do not always have big marketing budgets.

As a demolition contractor operating through Geelong and Vicotria, we are dedicated to reducing waste.  We have worked with salvage yards far and wide. Here is a list of companies in Geelong and Melbourne to help you find second-hand building materials for your next project.

Timber Zoo

Timber zoo is a recycled timber warehouse specialising in the supply of recycled Australian Native Hardwoods located at 385 Portarlington Road, Moolap. Open seven days a week with helpful experts; they are a great starting point to get those rustic timber finishes. But unlike others on the list, they only sell recycled wood.

Geelong Restores Barn

Geelong restores Barn stock a vast range of recycled building materials. Restorers barn is an excellent option for those niche projects with many off-production products such as roof tiles and doorknobs. A superb demolition salvage yard, open six days a week, located at 90 Tucker Street Breakwater.

Geelong Vintage Suppliers

For Some of your bigger industrial items, you can head down to 23 Lowe st in Corio, and the team also sells some collectables at 77 Pakington st Geelong west. They don’t have a website find bu you can them on Facebook Here.

Camperdown Demolition Building supplies

Camperdown demolition Building supplies are run by the Demolition man Lawrie Vautier who is described by his tv show on A&E as a treasure hunter who rescues items before they end up at the tip. Camperdown may be a way to travel from Geelong, but he has some unique antique items and gardening supplies.

Need a wider range of recycled building materials?

Geelong has a limited number of demolition salvage yards, but if you are looking for a wider range of recycled building materials, here are some other great options in Melbourne (For a comprehensive look at Melbourne demolition salvage yards Click HERE).

Urban Salvage

Heritage Timber and Salvage Supplies

Timber revival

A&R second-hand dealers

Renovators Paradise

Generally, online options are not as good, but Facebook Market Place & Gumtree are good for things like hot water systems and other generic items.

Finally, Bayside Demolition Geelong dont sell recycled building materials or have a salvage yard. But if you would like to comment on our article or book a demolition quote, please contact us here.

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