Waffle Pod Slab Demolition and Removal. What you must know….


What you must know! What are the costs? Do you need a permit? Is your house built with a waffle pod design?

Waffle pod slabs are used as they are more generally economical to build with. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to waffle pod slab demolition. Introduced 1988 the Standard Association of Australia Codes were changed and have since incorporated Waffle Pods. When organising a waffle pod slab demolition, there are some critical questions to ask, and we will answer them below.

Do you need a permit for waffle pod slab demolition?

As the waffle Pod is relatively new, the demolition of the waffle pod slab is often due to faults in new properties. If the building has started but has not yet been completed, you will likely still need a demolition permit. If in doubt, check with your building surveyor. It will be worth allowing an extra $2000 in your budget for the cost of a permit.

Will it be recycled?

The demolition costs consider the fact concrete can not always be separated, and the recyclable product may be dumped as general waste.

High-quality demolishers with ISO certification will always strive to reduce waste. However, this may not be possible due to the high level of labour required and the reality that most concrete recyclers will not accept concrete with polystyrene on it.

Is my slab a waffle pod?

Having the building design is the best way. If, like most, these plans have been lost.  It is possible that any house built after 1988 may be resting on a waffle pod design. Without a destructive audit, there is no cost-effective way to find out.

If unsure, request a cost option be included in your quote. They are rare until the late 2010s, but it could be a large unexpected cost in your project’s journey.

What Will be the costs?

Waffle pod demolition costs can vary greatly. Our Cost Calculator does include an option that will help you get the price of a waffle pod and house removal costs. If you are, unfortunately, removing the waffle pod before the house is built, the costs, in general, will be less.

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