Soil Remediation.

Soil Remediation Victoria

Soil remediation is a growing field in Victoria for two main reasons.


1. former industrial lands are being targeted for land redevelopments


2. ever-increasing EPA requirements.


Bayside Demolition has the expertise and equipment to help find a cost-effective solution for developers.  We are able to liaise with your choice of Environmental specialist or we can engage them directly.


Bayside Demolition is ISO certified so you can rest assured our safety practices and understanding of EPA requirements are up to date.



How do you remediate contaminated soil?

Bayside will develop a site-specific plan for each remediation project,  taking into account the client’s needs.


For most remediation works, we use our reclaimer screen and use excavators and front-end loaders combined with a wealth of experienced people with up-to-date training in how to remove hazardous materials safely.


We take into account your time restraints, requirements to re-use material, the cost of importing replacement material, and a number of other factors when providing you with the best solution.



How do you know if your soil is contaminated and requires remediation?

Some activities that can cause your land to require soil remediation in Victoria are;


1.Industiral acvitivties


2. Illegal Dumping


3. Contaminated soil runoff


See a more detailed list from the Victorian EPA here


If you have land or are working on a project with contamination, contact us below and keep your development in safe hands!

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