Package your civil and demolition!.


Want to save time and money on your build? Here is how!

Package your civil and demolition works together with Bayside!

Get the team at bayside to perform your demolition and civil works. Not only will this save you time and money, but it is also one less source of friction when managing subcontractors.

How do you save? 

Money: Every subcontractor must allow a site establishment fee in their quote. By only having to do this once, you remove unnecessary costs.

Convenience:  The handover between demolition and civil teams will be seamless. Everything will be handled by Bayside, giving yourself one less job to do.

Time: By reducing the need for two separate companies calendars to line up, you reduce the risk of lost days. We make sure your build does not fall behind before it has begun. 

Site Scrape: Your demolition or civil contractor will need to remove the top layer of grass and debris to allow the site cut to be done with clean soil. If Bayside do your civil works, you will eliminate these costs. 

Why dont all demolishers do that? 

They can’t! Bayside has two arms, Civil and Demolition; however, they run as one seamless business. With experts in their specific fields heading up both arms coordinating everything in the back end and allowing you to focus on the construction.

These experts are armed with a growing fleet of high-quality machinery, Bayside’s experts can get construction projects of all sizes ready for your trade teams! 

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