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Projects // 15 - 12 -2023

Brunswick House Demolition

House Demolition Brunswick in progress

House Demolition completed in Brunswick

Brunswick House Demolition

Bayside Demolition has recently completed a House demolition for GDM group in Brunswick.


Project Details


House Size – The House was 145m2. While the house was relatively small, it was located tightly next to the neighbouring properties on the block and required care to be taken to protect neighbouring properties.


Shed Size – The shed was 17m2 and made of tin; if the shed were to be removed independently, it would not require a permit (find out more Here).


House Composition & Build – The house was built around 1964 (see newspaper used as floor backing below).  The House was cladded in a false brick cladding that contained asbestos. The house was in a state of decay and had some water damage.


Hazardous Materials – The house contained asbestos in the cladding on the outside of the building and a lean-to that would have been added in the 1970s. We did test the vinyl flooring, and fortunately, the result was negative.


Newspaper clipping from house demolition
Newspaper clipping from house demolition.

There was some asbestos under the concrete.  This was done before the Dangers of asbestos were understood.  It is found on some jobs; unfortunately, there is no way of knowing until the concrete is flipped.  This does require a variation from the quoted works; when this occurs. BaysideDemolition communicates quickly and clearly while pricing our variations fairly and looking to minimise costs for our clients.


Yard Type – The Yard was relatively simple to clear, with few trees and empty planter boxes.  The Overall property was 680m2.


Time Frame – The job took five days, two to complete the asbestos removal and three to complete the demolition.


Equipment – When choosing what machine to use from Bayside’s ten-plus excavator-strong fleet, we used our Komatsu 13-ton zero swing excavator with multiple attachments (Mud Buckeet, Grabs, Hook). This was selected as it has enough power to do the job quickly, and the zero swing allows it to work well on the tight block. The waste was transported by two heavy rigid EPA-registered trucks.


Demolition Permit –  The Demolition permit was obtained by Bayside Demolition. This included the 29a (demolition consent from council), the title search, the production of the architectural plans/methodology, engaging the licensed surveyor to issue the permit, and organising the final inspection once the works are complete.

Client – 

Overall Result

House demolition Brunswick complete
House demolition Brunswick complete


The House was demolished quickly and effectively with no disruption to neighbours. We were able to get on-site within 5 Days of the services being abolished (Check our FAQS if you are planning a demolition; services are a common cause of delay).


Now GDM can get their project Started on time for their client, and we look forward to seeing the finished product.


If you have a project similar to this, Contact Us for a quote or use our Cost Calculator to help you get an estimate.


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House Demolition Brunswick in progress
Projects 15 - 12 -2023

Brunswick House Demolition

House Demolition completed in Brunswick

Bayside Demolition has recently completed a house demolition in Brunswick

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