Asbestos Removal.

Bayside Demolition can help you with asbestos removal. Whether it be with commercial or domestic demolition works or as stand-alone works.  Bayside is ISO certified, so you can rest assured we will leave the site safe for the next trade on site.  Asbestos poses a significant risk to those who are exposed to it. This is why Bayside Demolition is incredibly diligent in upholding Worksafe Vicotrias standards in all works we undertake.

What  Kind of asbestos removal do we do?

  • Asbestos Audit (This will detail all the asbestos in your home or business) helpful for a partial demolition or costing a project
  • Asbestos Removal (remove asbestos from your home when no demolition is required)
  • Asbestos roofs (removing and vacuuming roofs, working in with the team who will replace the roof)
  • Factories (Facotries have a number of unexpected places where you can find highly fibrous asbestos)
  • Asbestos eaves (Eaves and were areas are the most common places you will find asbestos in your home)
  • Clearance certification ( when removing over 10m2 of asbestos, you are required to obtain a clearance certificate)
  • Remediation ( When asbestos is mixed in with other materials, usually dirt, we can remove the asbestos to reduce tip cost; this process is called Remediation)

The purpose of the asbestos clearance certificate is to ensure that all visible asbestos fragments posing significant health risks have been removed. It is a WorkSafe requirement and, like asbestos removal, should always be done by a reputable business.

To learn more about asbestos and its safe removal for domestic and industrial jobs, visit Safe Work Australia HERE. 

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