Our demolition practice varies to the current norm. At Bayside Demolition instead of sending in heavy machinery to simply level your building, we believe in recycling and salvaging as much as possible. This dramatically reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and ensures a cleaner demolition process. 

When all re-usable or recyclable elements are removed your building can then be safely demolished and remaining debris removed by machine.


Demolition Process

Once you have decided you would like to proceed with Bayside Demolition, we need the following:

  1. Supply us with a signed letter accepting the quote and request we apply for required permits to demolish on your behalf
  2. Send through a copy of the title for the property (title copy must be no less than 100 days old – we can arrange a copy for you if needed)
  3. Basic site plan of the existing building (if available)
  4. 10% deposit required before application for permit is submitted


Demolition Permit

We work closely with our building surveyor to obtain your permit to demolish as quickly as possible.

If your property sits along the boundary line a protection works notice may be needed. This will be determined by our surveyor. In this case we ask you to make contact with your neighbour and arrange for them to sign off on their approval of the demolition works affecting the boundary. We find this face to face approach is the fastest way of obtaining the relevant documents. However if this is not suitable, we are happy to make the necessary arrangements.


Abolishment of Services to the Property

As the owner, you are required to arrange for the abolishment of services to the property. Services must be abolished before demolition works can commence.

Demolition works will not commence until both of the following services have been abolished:

Electricity Services

Request through your electricity provider the abolishment of the electricity meter at the property.

Note: It is important that the service is abolished not just disconnected.

Gas Services

Request through your gas provider the abolishment of the gas meter at the property.

Note: It is important that the service is abolished not just disconnected.


At Bayside Demolition we believe that communication is the key to a project running smoothly, that’s why we keep you updated at every stage. And are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your demolition.

A house in the process of being salvaged.
Site cleanup after the demolition process.