Residential & Domestic Demolition

House Demolition

Bayside Demolition make domestic and residential demolition quick and easy! We have the perfect mix of machinery and recycling. When choosing Bayside, you are selecting the environmental and most efficient process for your house to get demolished in Geelong, Melbourne, Bellarine, Colac, Ballarat or the Surf Coast.  

Bayside will make sure your house demolition results in less landfill and more salvage materials. Driven by a desire to give our clients better prices and a smoother process, all re-usable or recyclable elements, including bricks, timber & windows get a new life to become part of a new build or renovation. In contrast, all harmful materials like Asbestos and contaminated soil are safely removed and taken to an EPA approved landfill. 

Bayside Demolition can make your house demolition process quicker by helping you with

  • Demolition Permits
  • Demolition Asset Protection Permits
  • Gas, electricity and sewerage abolishments 
  • Septic tank and concrete removal 
  • Asbestos and waste removal 

If your property sits along the boundary line or requires a more complicated demolition process, protection works notices or surveying may be needed. We can help with this! 

Bayside is proudly part of Geelongs Innovation District. By surrounding ourselves with Geelongs leading and most innovative minds in the construction/demolition industry and combining that with over 50 years of experience removing old houses throughout Geelong, Melbourne, Bellarine, Colac, Ballarat and the Surf Coast, You are in safe hands with Bayside.  

Request a quote and make the removal of your property cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.