Spring Creek – House Demolition Torquay.

Torquay Demolition

A Brief intro.

Bayside Demolition completed the work backing up to Spring Creek with steep access and hazardous materials.

Access .

Access was over 40 degrees. This meant the removal of demolition debris was complex and done using smaller sized trucks. The site also needed to be secured well; as the house was removed, the risk of falling from the street was possible for the public.

Spring Creek .

With Spring Creek at the rear of the property, extra care was needed to ensure no environmental damage was caused. Spill kits were on-site to ensure in the rare case of mechanical failed, no leaks would reach Spring Creek.

Asbestos .

The building was clad with B class asbestos, which was removed following WorkSafe guidelines.

The Result.

The House was cleared over a two-week period.  No run of or harm was caused to the nearby environment.  The Spring st house demolition Torquay project was successfully completed on time and with no variations required; the client’s site is now clear and ready to be developed.

Torquay Demolition

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Project Details

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Project Details

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