Brewery Demolition.

A Brief intro.

A former brewery with a large complexity from large production lines. The Brewery was purchased by a developer looking to clear all buildings on the site and develop smaller industrial spaces and offices.

Job Size.

The Factory floor area is 2400m2 on a land area of 6.15 acres. Based in the industrial area of Point Henry at the footing of the Bellarine.

Job Details.

The Factory required a comprehensive plan to ensure the demolition was completed efficiently. Such as large tanks raised inside the Factory. These were demolished by high-tensile demolition shears. Full-size fridge areas that could be accessed by heavy vehicles were also a consideration during the works, with panels strategically demolished to prevent polystyrene pollution.


Due to the Large scale of the job, we used throughout the project, at times 2 22 ton Komatsu excavators. But the most exciting equipment used was the combination of our new Hambraker crusher and cold 600 remediation screen. This allows the project the concrete on site instead to be recycled and used in hall roads in the site’s development.

Time Frame.

The project was done over three stages.

  1. clearing site of all hazerdous materials and facotry equipment which took 1 week
  2. Removing all buildings throughout the site this took two weeks
  3. Crushing the concrete and laying the major hall roads to allow for future construction

The Result.

Hamilton Group a Major property developer based in geelong know for modernising industrial estates and the winner of a Uniisco wold heritage award for their work at the Federal Mills.

The Hamilton Group Can start the first stages of its development. Crushing concrete on site has allowed them to avoid bringing in products, save costs, and meet their high sustainability standards.


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Project Details

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