Ballarat Demolition Commercial – Church Demolition Heritage Facade.

A Brief intro.

The Ballarat Commercial Demolition project commenced in central Ballarat, is an exciting work for Bayside to play a part in.

The future build will be located within walking distance to the GOV Hub, less than 300m to Ballarat Hospital and Medical Center, and a short walk from the Ballarat Art Gallery and the Ballarat Rail Station.

The works also allow us to participate in retaining some of Ballarat’s red brick Charm. A heritage facade has been placed over the former church. Find out more about Ballarat’s great heritage retention efforts.


Over 30 Props used .

An engineered propping plan was produced, and props installed by the Bayside team will ensure the protection of the heritage facade.

The Client .

Figurehead is a Construction Company with over 70% repeat client work and has completed 2 billion dollars of construction projects.

Asbestos Removal .

With Fire damage at the rear of the Chuch asbestos removal was conducted before the demolition works could take place. Fire is a common reason for demolition and can often increase the danger of asbestos in buildings by causing it to no longer be bonded.

Recycling .

While some bricks were retained at the front of the building, many were removed. Dont Threat! These Bricks were taken to a local recycling company where they will be given new life on other Ballarat projects!

The Result.

Great results for this Ballarat Demolition Commercial Project!

The Client has begun working on the site, which was handed over to them ready for excavation and construction. Ballarat has retained the front facade and part of its history. The Lyons Place Project will inject 52 high-quality apartments and 2 townhouses into Ballarat CBD. This commercial demolition project for Bayside will become an asset for Ballarat when the Build is complete.

While Bayside is only a small part of the overall construction process, the team ensured the all-important first step was done correctly for the client.

Find out more about Bayside’s Demolition Ballarat services!

Lyons Ballarat Demolition

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Bayside has completed fire damage demolition works in Gilbert st Torquay.

The fire damaged multiple tenancies, with some walls being able to be retained and propped.

There was no asbestos on the site. However, working in a high-traffic area required traffic management and high-level dust suppression.




Project Details

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Project Details

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