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Demolition Geelong Melbourne & Surf Coast – Residential Homes.

Do you have a house, shed or other structure needing removal from your property? If yes, choose Bayside for residential demolition in Geelong, Melbourne & Surf Coast.

With obligation-free quotes and no job too small, Bayside Demolition can provide a full service for residential demolition customers. Find out about our many high-quality services below.

demolition services

What Demolition services do we provide?

Bayside offers a range of services, including but not limited to the following;

House demolition: Including Permits, Asbestos removal, and site clearing

Shed Demolition: Including permits (find permit advice on residential demolition) and asbestos.
(Bayside Demolition Geelong have a blog with lots of information regarding house demolitions)

Partial demolition: With a highly experienced team, we are the builder’s choice for partial demolitions. Our team has installed a range of props and performed complex demolitions on some of Victoria’s most prestigious houses and a few historical landmarks.

Asbestos removal: Bayside Demolition is fully licensed to remove asbestos from your home. Asbestos is still found in a large number of homes, and our expert team can tell you what is asbestos and what isn’t asbestos and what you may need a test for to be sure.

Bayside is even an excellent choice for your civil works post-demolition.

Why choose Bayside Demolition Geelong?

When choosing a Bayside Demolition Geelong contractor, there are some key factors to consider, and the answers to these questions are why we consider ourselves the best.

Does the contractor have an extensive modern range of varied equipment?
Bayside Does! Our fleet is wide-ranging and modern, with excavators from 1.8 – 22 tons. There is no job too big or too small for Bayside. The fleet is well-maintained, meaning your project won’t get delays due to breakdowns.

Are the quotes aimed to be all-inclusive?
Our quotes aim to be all-inclusive; we value our customers and know that no one wants unexpected costs on their building projects.

Is the demolition contractor fully licensed and safety-compliant?
Bayside Demolition is fully licensed in demolition and asbestos removal. We also have ISO certification. This means an international safety body recognises Bayside’s safety measures.

How Much Does House Demolition Cost?

When looking at the cost of demolition, there are several factors, the main being;

– Location (demolition in Geelong and Melbourne can vary from postcode to postcode)

– Size (The bigger the house due for demolition, the greater the cost)

– Access (larger equipment on site helps reduce time and costs)

– Construction materials (some materials can be heavier and harder to remove)

– Does it contain hazardous materials? (asbestos and other hazardous materials can affect the cost of demolition as they require specialised techniques to remove)

How do you organise a House Demolition quote?

If you have residential demolition works coming up, please use the contact form below to request a quote. We will get back to you quickly. The quote with Bayside Demolition is easy and at no cost! You can also contact us about demolition.

Looking to buy and perform a knockdown rebuild?

If you are looking to buy and perform a knockdown rebuild and want a quick estimate, use our Cost Calculator. This will help you get a feel for pricing. The best thing about this tool is with Google Earth and images, you can get a very accurate estimate. Find out more on the knockdown rebuild process. If you have already completed the process, contact us for an obligation-free demolition quote.

More Questions about the Knockdown rebuild process?

If you have more questions about the demolition process, whether it be service abolishments or your not sure if you need a site scrape, Bayside have a detailed House Demolition FAQ page to help you with the process.


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Brunswick House Demolition.






5 days

House Demolition completed in Brunswick Brunswick House Demolition Bayside Demolition has recently completed a House demolition for GDM group in+ Brunswick.

Project Details

Brewery Demolition.






5 weeks

A former brewery with a large complexity from large production lines. The Brewery was purchased by a developer looking to clear all buildings on the site and develop smaller industrial spaces and offices.

Project Details

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